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Literary Hub: 'Big Data vs. Big Dada'

London Magazine: 'Fake Noose' and 'Bullets'

Southern Review: 'Rutland Taco Bell Fire Escape Escape'

Iowa Review: 'Motherhood'


Boston Review: 'What the Foot Said to the Shoe'

Adroit: 'Imperfection is Preferred: A Conversation with Didi Jackson'

Cortland Review: 'Train Song'

Los Angeles Review: 'Unf n shed Bus ness'


Meridian: 'Visitation'

North American Review: 'Love Poem'

DIAGRAM: 'Golf', 'Elegiac Fields'

Rattle: 'Good Manners'

Post Road: 'Deepfake Ashbery'

Green Mountains Review: 'The Cockfight', 'Watering the Stones', 'Memory'

Crab Orchard Review: 'White River Junction'

Poetry East: 'A Rumor'

Indianapolis Review: 3 visual-poems

Xavier Review: 'Arrivederci Sestina'

Fine Print: 'Overheard While Walking Through the Financial District on the Way to North Beach Haiku'

Protean Magazine: 'Paperboy'


Roads Taken, edited by Sydney Lea & Chard DeNiord, Green Writers' Press

Heartfire, edited by Jack Hirschman

So Little Time, edited by Greg Delanty


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