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$50 (free-verse poem, via email)

A free-verse poem composed spontaneously about whatever subject you desire, personalized per your instructions. Delivered via email as a docx/pdf. Typically, about the length of half a page to a page.

$100 (free-verse typewriter poem, hardcopy via mail)

A free-verse poem composed spontaneously on an Olivetti manual typewriter, personalized per your instructions and delivered through the mail. Shipping is included for US orders (or whatever country I happen to be in at the time). Typically, about the length of half a page.

$200 minimum (free-verse poem with collaborative editing)

For customers who want to take an active, collaborative part in the revision process (i.e. customers who want to go back and forth revising the poem until it's "perfect"). I say $200 minimum because your price quote will depend on length, structure, context, etc.

$150: Sonnet

$300: Sestina 

$500: Doggerel

The word doggerel sounds like an insult, but it's not—doggerel refers to the rhyming, sing-song poetry that's usually humorous and tailored to be performed aloud at a specific occasion (best man speeches at weddings, for example). The reason I charge so much for doggerel is because A) I loathe it, and B) Not only does doggerel require writing in rhyme and meter, it's also usually quite long, since its purpose is to ennumerate all the virtues/faults of someone's particularly journey towards their marriage/graduation/retirement/etc. This means a painstaking process of back-and-forth ("But it's not done yet, you haven't even mentioned their dog!)


If you need a poem within less than a week, please inquire via email. Typically I charge at least $50 for rush delivery, but it depends on how fast you need it, and what exactly you're looking for. 

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